Vision and Eye Services Offered:

Crown City Eye Center offers personalized service in a comfortable environment.

Patients are seen in a timely manner. The clinic has availability each day for problems requiring urgent or same­day attention.

The office is conveniently located on 1317 A Ynez Place, directly across the street from the Coronado U.S. post office. The practice participates in most major health plans including Medicare, Tri­care, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield. You do not need a referral. You can make an appointment directly by phone at (619) 435­-8800.

  • Evaluation for changes in vision

  • Evaluation for eye discomfort

  • Examination for glasses

  • Vision evaluation for driving

  • Care of dry eyes

  • Cataract evaluation and surgery

  • Glaucoma diagnosis and management (Medicine, Laser, Surgery)
  • ​Macular degeneration diagnosis and management
  • Medically necessary cosmetic ryelid surgery

Special Services offered at the Crown City Eye Center:

  • Look your best with BOTOX!®

  • Restylane treatment for wrinkles

  • Laser Eye Surgery

  • Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

  • Medically Necessary plastic & reconstructive surgery around the eyelids

Vision and Eye Services

Crown City Eye Center

Special Services