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William Bigham, MD, offers state­ of ­the ­art evaluation and treatment in his ophthalmology offices at the Crown City Eye Center (located across the street from the post office).

With combined specialties in cataract surgery, oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as the treatment of glaucoma, Drs. Bigham and Ulrich offer a full array of comprehensive ophthalmology services.

Says Dr. Bigham, “We are fortunate today that most surgical eye procedures can be done in­ office or in an outpatient surgery setting, simply, easily and routinely.” Dr. Ulrich concurs, “We have the high­tech diagnostic equipment, as well as a surgical setting to handle everything from evaluation and surgical preparation for cataract surgery to eyelid surgery.

Dr. Bigham, who earned his medical degree from the University of Virginia, completed his internship in surgery at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, followed by his residency in ophthalmology at the San Diego Naval Hospital and a fellowship in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.

Says Dr. Bigham, “Oculoplastic surgery is a very specialized field within plastic and reconstructive surgery emphasizing the eyebrows, eyelids, eye sockets and mid-face.” Dr. Bigham provides treatment for a wide­range of conditions, from cosmetic to reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic procedures – surgery to the upper and lower eyelids – can give a person a more youthful, well ­rested appearance. Reconstructive surgery addresses diseases such as skin cancer or injuries associated with the eyes or mid­face. In addition, ophthalmic plastic surgeons have special training in the treatment of conditions affecting the tear ducts. Many of these procedures can be done in ­office or in surgical suites on a same­day, outpatient basis.

Dr Bigham also treat cataracts, caused by a gradual clouding of the lens, which reduces a person’s ability to see under certain circumstances (for instance, at night). In the earliest stages, a cataract can sometimes be treated with a change in eyeglass prescription. In more advanced cases, a thirty­minute outpatient surgery is required (evaluation and follow­ up care is provided in ­office).

Macular degeneration, a disease that affects the macula (which is the part of the eye that ensures visual sharpness), can be evaluated in­ office. If cataracts are involved in conjunction with macular degeneration, outpatient surgery to take care of the cataracts may also be helpful.

For surgical procedures that require outpatient facilities, Drs. Bigham and Ulrich are affiliated with San Diego’s premier eye centers, including Scripps Memorial Hospital and Mericos Eye Institute in La Jolla, Scripps Mercy Eye Surgery Center in Hillcrest, and Sharp Memorial Hospital Vision Laser Center in San Diego.

Dr. Bigham performs refractive surgery, laser procedures that correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. “LASIK” AND “PRK” refractive surgery are done in an outpatient setting. These surgeries reshape the cornea, which alleviates vision abnormalities, reducing, and in many cases eliminating, the
need for eyeglasses.

In addition, Crown City Eye Center offers routine ophthalmology services, including annual eye exams and emergency treatment, evaluation and measurement for glasses as well as treatments for a variety of eye conditions such as itching, burning, dry eyes, excessive tearing, and diabetic eye disease.

Crown City Eye Center (1317­A Ynez Place; 435.8800) accepts Medicare, Tricare, Blue Cross, as well as other insurances.

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